Terms & Conditions

1. General.

1.1. These Sale-Purchase Rules (further – Rules) is the legal obligatory document for parties, where are determined Customer and SC „Vlada.lt“ (further – Seller) rights and responsibilities, purchasing of goods and conditions of payment, delivery and return procedures, responsibilities of parties and other Sale-Purchase regullation in the internet store Vlada.lt.
1.2. Buyer agrees with these Rules when ordering goods from online store Vlada.lt.

2. Protection of personal data.

2.1. Buyer, in agreement with these Rules, agrees that Seller is allowed to send notifications of goods order which are necessary to implement payment and delivery to the indicated e-mail.
2.2. Buyer also must specify the correct personal data (name, delivery address, phone number), which are necessary to implement the purchase, delivery and payment of goods.
2.3. Seller contracts not to disclose the buyer’s personal data to the third parties, except Seller‘s partners, who are providing the services related with Customer‘s order. In all other cases Customer‘s personal data can be disclosed only according the order by the Law of Lithuania.

3. Buyer’s rights.

3.1. The buyer has the right to buy goods from online store Vlada.lt in accordance with these Rules.
3.2. Buyer has the right to refuse the good, informing Seller in written form (by e-mail, indicating the return of the desired product) no later than fourteen (14) days from the date of delivery).
3.3. By mentioned Buyer right in paragraph 3.2, Buyer can use it only if the item was damaged or significantly changed its appearance, and if it was not used.

4. Seller’s rights.

4.1. When after the Buyer paid for the goods and its delivery but it is impossible to connect with the Seller within indicated term and the method of delivery, in this case the delivery is cancelled and returned back to Vlada.lt.

5. Buyer‘s liabilities.

5.1. Buyer undertakes to pay for goods and accept them according to these Rules respectively.
5.2. If Buyer, on the delivery time, without valid reason refuses to accept the items, then on Seller’s request, Buyer is obliged to pay delivery costs.
5.3. Buyers of the internet store Vlada.lt must follow these Rules and conditions, clearly set out in the information columns of the online store and not to break the Lithuanian legislation.

6. Seller’s obligations.

6.1. The seller agrees to provide all the conditions for Buyer to use Vlada.lt online store services properly, where the operating conditions are specified in these Rules and other conditions published in online store Vlada.lt.
6.2. The seller contracts to deliver the Buyer‘s purchased items to the buyer‘s given address, based on the conditions laid down by these Rules.
6.3. Seller undertakes to respect the privacy of Buyer and save Buyer‘s personal information.
6.4. In an emergency situation, when due to unforeseen circumstances, Seller cannot deliver items purchased from the internet store Vlada.lt, Seller has the right to withdraw the product after informing Buyer. Seller can offer a similar product. If buyer refuses, Seller agrees to refund the money paid within 10 workdays.
6.5. Buyer using provided right of Rules in paragraph 3.2 and under the conditions of 3.3 Rules, Seller agrees to return the money paid by the buyer within 14 (fourteen) working days calculated from the date of receipt of returned items.

7. Goods payment procedure and the terms.

7.1. Prices of items in online store and formed in the order Vlada.lt are indicated in circulating currency.
7.2.After the order is confirmed, 3 Eur. are added to the total amount of goods as delivery fee.
7.3. Buyer pays for the purchased items in the following ways:
– In the partner billing system paysera.lt.

8. Shipping

8.1. Buyer who purchases items in online store Vlada.lt must provide exact delivery address (including zip code) and telephone number;
8.2. Buyer undertakes to accept the items by himself. In case, he cannot accept the items, and the items delivered to the address indicated on the basis of other data provided by Buyer, Buyer has not got the right to bring claims against the seller for delivery to the incorrect party;
8.3. Delivery fee in Lithuania, which is immediately counted as confirmation of the order is 3 Euro;
8.4. The buyer accurate delivery amount of the charge will see before confirming the order by clicking on the “buy”;
8.5. The goods are delivered within 14 workdays from the date of receipt of the payment date;
8.6. Seller agrees to make every effort to ensure that purchased product would be delivered as soon as possible;
8.7. When items are shipped to Buyer, he receives an e-mail letter from Seller to confirm that the items have already been departed from the warehouse of Buyer by the address indicated;
8.8. In all cases, Seller is exempted from liability for violation of the deadline for submission, if goods are not given or they are given not in time because of the buyer’s fault or due to circumstances not under Seller’s responsibility;
8.9. Buyer cannot change the delivery address at his discretion when the shipment is exported. If the place of delivery is changed by a personal consultation with the courier or other delivery service provider, Seller is not responsible for the delivery deadline and has the right to charge Buyer for the additional costs incurred due to the arbitrary customer delivery address replacement when the shipment is already done. (Actual costs can be covered by the additional bill to Buyer, or calculated from the amount of returned items).

9. The quality of the product, guarantee.

9.1. Each online store item properties are indicated in the description and at the online store Vlada.lt;
9.2. Seller is not responsible for the fact that the items of online store Vlada.lt contained in the color, shape or other parameters may not correspond to the actual size, shape and color of the buyer’s monitor properties used;
9.3. The quality guarantee is valid for Seller’s items provided by the law legislation. Seller for certain types of goods gives a guarantee of quality, where the specific terms and other conditions are specified in the descriptions of such goods.

10. Returns and exchanges.

10.1. Buyer, in order to return the item (s) must fill the document of the return / replacement. Buyer gets the document when he asks for it by e-mail info@vlada.lt.
10.2. To return the items must be followed to these conditions:
– The returned item must be in its original orderly packaging (this does not apply to the case of a defective product returned);
– Product must be not damaged by Buyer;
– The returned item must be unused, with commercial appearance (intact labels and protective films, etc.);
– The returned item must be of the same designs, which have been received by the buyer;
– Returning the item is necessary to provide the acquisition of the document, a guarantee certificate (if granted) and completed return form;
– The seller has the right to refuse to accept the buyer returned items, if there was non-compliance with the conditions of the return;
– Returning is being done by sending registered mail and / or via parcel delivery company to Seller’s indicated address;
– Returning of items is carried out within 14 (fourteen) days after receipt of the items;
10.3. The money to purchaser will be returned by bank transfer to the purchaser’s bank account within 14 workdays from the receipt day of returning items and documents.
10.4. Seller has the right not to accept returned items from Buyer if Buyer fails to follow goods set repayment terms and conditions. Buyer‘s returned items will be evaluated by conditions under the above. If conditions are not followed, the money will not be returned. In this case for delivery or withdrawal will be negotiated individually;
10.5 Returning the wrong item received and / or defective item, Seller agrees to accept the item and replace it with similar ones;
10.6. In case Seller does not have suitable replacement goods, the paid amount will be returned to the Buyer, including the price for the delivery;
10.7. If Buyer returns the item, which was bought at the discount time, the money amount will be returned as after discount;
10.8. If at the time of purchase was applied free shipping, item (s) that are returned (if it no longer fulfills the conditions for free delivery or returned to the entire order), the shipping costs will be calculated from the total amount paid by the buyer according to the valid delivery rates.
10.9. If the Seller has additional costs during items shipping because of the customer’s fault, the Seller has the right to calculate suffered damage from the amount refunded in case of items refund or replacement.
10.10. If Buyer orders goods which Seller must place orders with suppliers, it is considered as an individual order. Such items will not be refunded and will be applied the prior payment method.

11. Marketing tools and information.

11.1. Seller may carry out a variety of discounts; at any time modify the terms of their termination;
11.2. Special conditions on certain actions, initiated by Seller, are specific to those particular actions, defined in communication tools;
11.3. Seller is not responsible if Buyer does not get sent information or supporting posts because of the internet connection, e-mail service providers, network problems or the buyer’s incorrect data.

12. Final regulation.

12.1. Vlada.lt leaves the right to suspend, fill and change these Rules and other documents related to the Rules. Rules additions or changes become effective from the date of publication.